Hello there! I’m Darci Simpson, a part-time freelance designer in Arizona using my talents to better my community by helping non-profits and small businesses.

Selfie 2012-2013

I believe that simple, effective, good quality design can help advance a business from attracting a few individuals to attracting hundreds or even thousands. This is even more crucial for non-profits striving to engage their communities, give back, and improve our world. Whether your organization is looking to get your brand in check, host an event, or is just needing a few office portraits, I’m the woman for the job.

Want to learn more about me? Read below.

I was born and raised in Washington state.

While I was born in western Washington, I grew up in a very small farm town in central Washington where I spent my time gardening, playing with my large dogs, building things with my dad, reading, and having campfires.

I moved to the Phoenix area in 2009 with my family.

During the recession, my family packed up and moved to Arizona in search for jobs and cheaper housing. I honestly wasn’t a fan of the desert at first, but have quickly come to love the topography, plants, and nature of Arizona – minus the grueling summers.

I have a degree in Digital Culture with a focus in design.

You’ve probably never heard of that one before. It’s a fairly new degree offered by Arizona State University with 11 different concentrations allowing students to explore interdisciplinary work in art, media, and engineering. With an average of under 30 graduates each semester, it’s a very tight-knit community.

I’m an artist who also has a deep love for science.  

Since I was very young, I’ve always held polar opposite interests in the arts and sciences (specifically biology related sciences). This is probably a result of my love for nature. In fact, a lot of my more traditional artwork is inspired by nature.

I love everything to do with nature.

I’m sure you could have guessed this from my ‘deep love for science’, but nature really is fascinating to me. I find inspiration in it’s patterns, forms, colors, and textures for a variety of designs. I especially love botany, geology, and sea-life.

I have a beautiful dog and a wonderful fiance.

Kiyah is a very coyote-like, three year old Belgian Malinois who is high energy and loves anything active and outdoors. My fiance, Carrie Jo, and I have been together for a little over a year and will be getting married next fall. She supports me in everything that I do, loves me unconditionally, and I don’t know what I would do without her! Both of my girls are my inspiration.

Now that you’ve gotten to know me, I’d love to hear from you and start working on your next design project together!


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