Introducing FABfiber!

The fall semester at Arizona State University is well under way and class projects, readings, and assignments are ramping up quickly. This semester in particular is a special one because I will be completing my final Capstone credit!

After much discussion and planning, a small team of creators and I will be working on a 4 month long project that we’ve dubbed FABfiber! I’ll be working with fiber artist, digital artist and creator Audra Carlisle and graphic designer Benjamin Shaul to create open source, simple and inexpensive to build fiber tools and machines. Each fiber tool will have custom designs and come with an easy to follow and visually pleasing instruction manual to be able to build the tool. All of our products will be made from simple, inexpensive materials found at your local hardware store or cut from wood at your local Tech Shop. In addition to making, building and distributing our products, we’re also going to be teaching hands-on workshops to teach makers how to build and use each of the fiber tools!

After we finished planning out the semester and got rolling on our project, I decided to make a website that would give some back story to our project, provide information about the creators, host all of our files for distribution, and give weekly updates on our progress. Feel free to check out our project and view our weekly updates by clicking here!


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