End of a summer, beginning of a semester

Earlier this summer, I took the plunge and set up my online store front on the Etsy platform. I got busy registering my business trade name with the state and putting up new items such as my Zodiac Constellation Pendant Necklaces in my shop. Since opening my shop in May, I have sold out of both the Sagittarius and Cancer constellation necklaces. I have had 194 views over this summer with 56 shop views in June alone. So far, opening Design By Asrai has had a pretty successful start!

With the end of summer also comes the end of my internship with the City of Tempe working in the Public Art department.


Working with the City of Tempe and in Public Art specifically proved to be such a valuable experience towards my future career. I was able to gain a very in depth understanding of what working in art business means and how little “office work” it really is. There is so much planning, meetings, and communication that goes into each public art piece and the amount of work that these women do to promote each piece is incredible.

Over this summer, I’ve had the chance to observe TMAC meetings where notions are discussed and decisions are made. I was able to create 15 individual single page informational guides to private art murals in Tempe that can be publicly viewed. I created a logo for Tempe Arts & Culture to be used for future social media pages and I photographed Tempe to use for their future Instagram account. I helped organize the public art records to make them more understandable for future Public Art workers as well as photographed many of the pieces for further documentation. I became incredibly immersed in my projects and in the stories of many different public and private art projects in Tempe which made the experience even more fulfilling.

While the summer months are coming to a close, the new Fall semester at Arizona State University is fast approaching. Here’s to another semester of inspiring, challenging projects and academic and personal growth!


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