Updates & Exciting News!

A few weeks ago, I finished up my spring semester at ASU. I feel like every semester I say this: it was the most challenging, motivating, and inspirational semester I’ve had yet at ASU. Even though I might say it every semester, I feel that every semester it still holds true. The classes that I have the opportunity to explore, the professors that I get to learn from, and my peers really help me grow creatively and personally every semester. I couldn’t be more thankful (and relieved) with the end of this last semester.

Now onto the scorching summer months of Arizona and some much needed art exploration and relaxation!

Etsy Store Opening

As the temperature has been rising as we approach the end of May in Arizona, I’ve been inside getting ready for an exciting new transition! For the last two years, I have eagerly awaited the opportunity (i.e. time) to be able to set up my own online shop selling all of my artistic pieces – paintings, photography, jewelry, etc. After filling out many spreadsheets of expense information, calculating costs, income, profit, fees, and reading a plethora of legal information for owning your own business, I’m happy to say that on May 15th I finally opened an Etsy shop under the name of Design by Asrai! So far, my shop features mostly photography pieces, but I’m looking to soon add more items from my portfolio (shh, I’m not telling which).

At the beginning of this summer, I also started a wonderful internship in Public Art with the City of Tempe. Throughout my short career as an artist, I have on and off contemplated the idea of working more in art business and the art community than just solely being an artist. In this internship, I have the opportunity to get an inside view of what that world would look like and have a helping hand in it – even if it is just organizing public art projects and creating expense spreadsheets. Having the opportunity to meet other artists and other individuals for the promotion of art in Tempe has shown to be so valuable and I’m looking forward to the rest of the summer with them!

Sadly, with the ending of May also comes the closing of the Emerge 2016 show featuring my piece Mailboxes at Art Intersection in Gilbert, AZ. For anyone that hasn’t had the opportunity to see this gorgeous show as well as my contribution to it, you still have until May 21st to see the pieces!


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